DAF Office Networks provides alternatives for reaching your short term and long term fundraising goals. Short term programs like organizational or team apparel clothing order or individual bracelets, T-shirt, pins campaign and cause raise money quickly. Our long term program requires nothing more than a referral, DAF does the rest and the campaign can go on year after year. Everyone wins including DAF as we are grateful for every order we receive no matter the size.


DAF Office Networks INC. offers a unique and innovative way for sports teams to raise money on an ongoing basis without any direct selling involved. Office Networks provides just about everything in an office and any business in operation buy’s the products we sell. Your team could start earning 25% of the profit of these orders on an ongoing basis for items like toner and ink cartridges, business printing, corporate identity products, office furniture, printed apparel, and the list goes on! Our Network offers well more than a million products!


No fees, no kit to buy. We work on referral only. It’s this simple: If you register an account for a new customer of Office Networks, 25% of the profit for each ongoing order will be sent to your team or organization. That’s right, every time they buy toner, printing, supplies, furniture ect..Your team will receive 25% of the profit contribution to your program. (Checks are written after client has received and paid for goods).


We provide a cost savings to your customers! That's why this is a win-win situation. Potential clients get the same products they have been buying all along for less. We find that we are less than 3 out of every 4 products we get an opportunity at.

Repeat orders mean repeat contributions to your program!

We have access to almost 200 manufacturers of office furniture, factory installations, and some lifetime warranties. Whether you need a chair, desk, file, conference furniture, or cubicles, we have them!

We sell all major brand name office machine supply consumables and deliver in 1-2 across the USA. We are best at laser machine and fax machine consumables, ink jets, and more!

Our website has online browsing catalogs for promotional products, corporate apparel, and also has a search and price range selector for almost anything imaginable to market your firm.

Great customer service and you pick how to get in touch. Either by phone, fax, or email.

We will not call your customer unless someone asks us to!

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