Our Story

Talk about “it’s a wonderful life”! My time in the Office Supply industry has been truly blessed by great family, friends, customers, and vendors who have helped create what DAF Office Networks has become today.

DAF Office Networks has a proven track record of providing just about everything in an office at a great value. We reduce the number of vendors and provide a cost savings that is unmatched combined with the utmost quality in customer service. We take pride in the fact that some of our original clients have continued to rely on us over the past years for their respective needs. We feel our experience in understanding the office market combined with our active agency within the Central New York community has allowed us to gain a strong understanding of some of the most important elements of customer service. We continue to expand to a more state/ national prominence within the office supply community and hope to continue to expand through our framework of familial values within our business.

DAF is a family operated business. We feel our greatest strength is the way in which we have always gone behind the scenes in helping sports teams and individual causes reach their goals. We feel our niche to conglomerate office sales with youth extracurricular fundraising is unparalleled within the contemporary market. With the growth of social media and internal marketing advisement we are and continue to spread the word of the unique and high quality products and services we provide. Our Team continues to grow with the additions of Dale and Cheryl Juda covering Western NY and National Accounts , Jillian Berti covering CNY, Eastern NY and National accounts and Special projects. Tammy McCallum serves as our sales tax coordinator for 42 states and growing. Jesse Farabee handles logistics and installations coordinator.

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Office: 315-699-7070
Cell: 315-439-3894

My Family

Dave Farabee: President

  • 18 Years as president of DAF Office Networks Inc.
  • 3 Years sales and internal marketing support with WYNIT Inc.
  • 14 Years as Regional Sales Manager at Colonial Business Systems
  • 15 Years Coach of the Syracuse Stars, Nations and Midstate Youth AAA Hockey Teams
  • Contact: Dfarabee@dafofficenetworks.com

Pam Farabee:

Jesse Farabee:

Jake Farabee:

  • Graduate of Connecticut College
  • DAF IT Tech Support and Special Documents

Joel Farabee

Team Juda:

Jillian Berti:

  • Graduate of SUNY Oswego
  • 2 Years Childhood Education Teacher
  • 1 Year Manufacturers Sales Representative
  • DAF Special Project Manager, Social Media Marketing and Sales
  • Contact: jberti@dafofficenetworks.com